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Importance of Home Decor

5 Ideas To Elevate Your Home Mandir…

India as a nation is predominantly known for its rich and diverse culture, its connection with its roots, and its divine inclination. In such a scenario, having a small place of worship at anybody’s beautiful abode is very common and natural. Every Indian home we visit, we shall find a small and beautiful place of worship we fondly call ‘mandir’, ‘devalaya’, ‘devs than’, and so on. Over some time, it has indeed become a trend to synchronize the decor of the home with the decor of our place of worship. Pooja room decorations can be as basic, traditional, or complex as you like. No matter how it is set up or how big it is, the goal is to make your pooja room emanate a positive spiritual aura throughout. While the plan, Vastu, and direction of your pooja room are important when designing one, the correct furniture and decorations can help make your pooja room peaceful. If your home doesn’t have a designated pooja room or the room is too small, you can decorate a small space there and set up a beautiful pooja unit.

Here are some ideas to elevate your Home Mandir Ideas.

Importance of Home Decor

Unclutter the area

One of the initial works to be done in your mandir is to clean the whole space and declutter the area. It is extremely essential to have a clean space in front while performing the pooja as it helps clear your head and connect with the eternal divine power. Smart storage would be an ideal option to store important pooja items and yet make the whole place look beautiful.

The marble touch

White is a color of peace and divinity, and white marble is a beautiful option to radiate peacefulness and positivity in your pooja place. At Urban Bania, you can get a varied range of handcrafted marble products for your pooja place. Right from The Laddu Gopal Singhasan to Marble Home Temple in white as well as multi-colored marble Singhasans would look lovely at your ‘devalaya’. These lovely white marble products serve the desired aesthetics in your pooja room.

Use of Bells

Using a wooden or marble jaali as the backdrop, a two-tier platform topped with marble Singhasan, and wooden cabinets to store all the pooja necessities like incense sticks and diyas are used to adorn an incredibly traditional pooja room. A wooden door with glass and dangling bells that give it the required aesthetic will not just make it look aesthetically beautiful but also ignite the spiritual ambiance and radiate positivity.

Carved components

Those who value the appealing qualities of wood are enchanted by carved wood. There are various ways that the old woodwork might be transformed into a brand-new piece as opposed to attempting to find brand-new woodwork. For your home mandir idas, hand-cast and hand-painted woodwork would be the best and most affordable choice.

Designer Accessories

Various accessories like the beautifully designed Pooja Thali or the Jal Lota or the Diya or the Agarbatti Stand or a small Jhula for Bal Gopal or designer Singhasan for the deities would enhance your home mandir decor and also give a pleasingly aesthetic touch to your decluttered and separate pooja room. With this, we hope your quest for aesthetically pleasing yet radiating spiritual space decor has found some solution in this article.